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Lock & Hold AR-10

Lock & Hold AR-10


The last Vise Block you will ever buy. The Lock & Hold is the strongest, most durable vise block providing you with complete lock up of your work when clamped in a vice. Adjustable tension bolts allow you to lock it down to your mag well tight enough where you cannot remove it or just enough for a snug slip fit. This block will not allow your work to move while staking and torquing castle nuts. A must have for when you are cleaning, building and servicing your work.  Made by hand from billet aluminum and Delrin to give you the durability and clamping power you need in a vise. All associated hardware is stainless steel. This vise block will last you for decades.


    • Proudly designed and made in the USA by a small machine shop in San Diego.
    • Built with American supplies
    • Engineered by an American Engineer
    • Machined by an American Machinist

    Your Lock & Hold is garunteed to be free from manufacture defects. Contact us if your order is not performing as it should for an exchange. If you are not 100% satisfied upon reciept, please contact us for a refund.


    We have a flat rate shipping charge of $10.00. We ship for free on orders that exceed $150.00.


    Gun Show Will Call: We offer this option for those who are buying from us at the Gun Shows or special events. This allows us to offer no shipping when purchasing from us in person. Do not select this option unless we have a table between us.


    International shipping has to be approved by VICEBLOX. If you want us to ship outside the U.S. you need to message us and if we can do it, we will turn on the ability to purchase from your area of the world.

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